Guest lecture on responsibilities of a limited company’s leaders


Björneman Advokat’s founder, Louise Björneman, was recently invited to speak to Burlöv Municipality and Business Port Staffanstorp’s CEO network. Created to further strengthen and promote entrepreneurship in the region, the network is led by Mikael Hedman and Magnus Melin, who both have a solid background in, among other things, organisational development.

On two separate occasions, Louise had the great pleasure of speaking as a guest lecturer to the group on the Swedish legal perspective regarding the responsibilities of a board and CEO in a limited company. 

Louise explained that a board member and CEO have many commitments to manage – especially the requirements set by the law in Sweden. Her lectures covered both general and specific responsibilities but also highlighted the duty of loyalty that comes with the assignment as a board member and CEO. In addition, she also cited current case law from Sweden’s Supreme Court. Along with the requirements of business law, the lectures also touched on the importance of healthy and constructive dialogues between the various corporate bodies in order to achieve business success.

Björneman Advokat was extremely grateful for the privilege to share our expertise with the group. Louise would like to thank Mikael, Magnus, and everyone involved for the warm reception. It was a pleasure for her to speak to them on the subject.


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